Alien Invasion Slots

Prepare for lift-off and your mission to outer space is to stop the inevitable Alien invasion that is coming to earth at anytime. US players, you’re welcome to join this space journey that will take you to discover riches only found in other galaxies far, far away. Once you land on the planet you’ll see aliens everywhere in the distance and the object of your mission: The Alien Invasion Slots. This classic 3 reels one payline slots machine from Wager Gaming Technology will light up your universe with all the fantastic space designs and sounds. WGT has been around for light years but they still have the best classic slots you’ll find in any galaxy, even if dangerous aliens surround it.

Come aboard this slots machine where on the gaming interface you’ll see an astronaut with a flashlight, lighting up his way to see all the aliens while holding his trusty ray gun. All the illustrations on the game are in high detail and look like they could fit onto any space movie. On the top left is the Alien Invasion logo with the radarscope and alien face peering at you. Below that is an alien oozing goo from the inside out. Just above the reels is the game information and winning combinations that will make you the richest person in the galaxy.

The space age slots symbols designed to impress include: An Alien, Raygun, Spaceship, Galaxy, Saturn Planet, Tentacle Alien, Sharp Tooth Alien and an Insect Alien. The RayGun is the wild symbol and there is no scatter symbol in this game, but there are lots of multipliers.

Along the bottom of the game are all the buttons and information for battle. On the left are the bet amount and the win amount windows. Below that to the right are all the buttons. There is the coin denomination selection button, Auto Play, Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and the Stop Spin button. On the very bottom is the Balance amount and the bonus window. You will also find the customer support buttons, lobby, cashier, the promotions and help buttons.

Your goal is too secure the planet, win the jackpot and take all your winnings back to earth with the help all the symbols and multipliers available to you. You’ll have a total of eight winning combinations to defeat the aliens and complete your mission.

Alien Invasion Slots Jackpots

Plan your alien fighting strategy with all the coin denominations available for you to play with and include: $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10 and the maximum bet amount is $30. To win the jackpot you will have to play the maximum of all three coins. There are three jackpots for you to win and they all have decent amounts so they are good to go for. The third highest jackpot is 500 coins or $5,000 if you get 3 RayGuns and your betting one coin per line and the second largest jackpot is 1,000 coins or $10,000 if you get 3 RayGuns on the reels and you’re betting 2 coins per line. The biggest jackpot in this game is 2,000 coins, which wins you a nice $20,000 if you get 3 RayGuns and you’re playing 3 coins per line.

Make sure you keep your eyes on that RayGun symbol as that is the wild symbol and a multiplier symbol so your winning combinations depend on that. You can actually double your winning combinations with the RayGun symbol and all it’s multiplier power. That means you can get 2X in any 3 symbol winning combination and double your winnings in just one spin. All you need to do is win the battle of the aliens and collect your cash. This slot machine is really fun to play and will put you in the mood to travel to other planets and save the world from the alien’s invasion.