Farming Futures Slots

Are you ready to end summer with a party on the farm? If you are then get ready to play this really fun 7 reel 9 paylines video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. These funny farm animals will delight you with all their goofy antics and animations. On the top the game is the moving scroll with all the information on who has been on the farm and who won. To the right is the live support and help buttons. The background of this game is a side of a red barn and the logo is below the reels with a funny looking horse and rooster. What makes this game so different is that there are 7 reels that go across the game. On the reels you will see some really goofy cartoon caricatures of farm animals that include: A Farmer, Horse, Duck, Cow, Goat and a Pig. What else make this game unique is that there are no wilds or scatter symbol either. But if you get 7 of them on the reels in the right order you can win some great prizes. On the bottom of the game is all the buttons and windows including the bet amount, win amount, coin selector, autoplay, bet one, bet max, spin and the stop spin button. On the very bottom is the balance amount, bonus, promo, cashier, options, status and the lobby button. There are lots of coin sizes to select from so you can plan our strategy in this game starting at: $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5 and $10.00. The minimum bet that allows you to cover all 9 lines is $0.09 while the maximum bet of this game is $90. You can download this game onto your computer or if you choose you can play in your browser. Out sitting on a haystack? No problem you can play this game on any mobile device.

Farming Futures Jackpots

This may be a funny farm themed video slots game, but it does have some serious sized jackpots that will make you want to own your own farm. You will have to bet 1 coin per line and the coin size must be $10.00. Hop on your tractor and head to the barn and start playing for those jackpots starting with the third highest jackpot that is 500 coins or $5,000 for 7 Ducks or for 5 Farmers. Or go for the second jackpot that is 1,000 coins or $10,000 for 7 Horses or for 6 Farmers. But if you want to be ruler of all the farm animals then go for the highest jackpot is 2,500 coins or $25,000 for 7 Farmers. What makes this game special is that there are 7 reels and a limited number of symbols as opposed to other video slots games. At times, only six of symbols will be appearing on the reels. The good news is that the game pays you when you have a minimum of three matching symbols on the payline buy you will get the best payouts being offered when you have seven of them all together. But it’s the animations, farm sounds, special effects, music and sounds that make it a great game to play. It’s also great for beginners because of its simplicity and limited features. You can just keep spinning those reels and waiting for the right winning combinations to comes up and gives you a prize. The goal is simple in this game, you have to go for the $25,000 jackpot and try and get the other jackpots too. This is a perfect game to put on the auto play feature and sit back and watch those reels spin until you win.