Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

On the surface Fruit Loot Slot Wild X looks very similar to other classic slot games, but it’s a bit more than the standard classic slot experience. This slot game packs in more features, better wagering options and improved winning opportunities than many of the classic slot games you’ll come across. It’s all these benefits that make this slot interesting and that’s why we put together this full review as well. Take a look at the slot game to get an idea of what it has to offer and you’ll know what you can expect when trying it out for yourself.

Crafted by Top Developers

This slot game was made by Wager Gaming Technologies or WGS for short. The company is smaller in size, but is known as a leader in the slot gaming industry. That’s because the slot developer offers a good library of games to choose from, and because most of the games come loaded with modern features that stand out apart from many other slot games found today. Most of the developers library is supported on mobile, and can be enjoyed by players around the world regardless of the devices they are using.

A Fruity Classic Theme

Fruit Loot is based around the traditional classic slot theme and puts players face-to-face with fruits, BAR symbols and the traditional 7’s while tossing in a few unconventional symbols like the free spin symbol and the 3X wilds. This helps to create a modern classic slot experience that’s exciting, feels somewhat familiar and is fully satisfying to play around with.

Testing it out in Demo Mode

There’s no reason that you have to pay any money in order to get familiar with this slot game. If you want to learn more about the different features offered in Fruit Loot Slot, you can do so simply by visiting a casino that offers it and loading it into your web browser to test it out. Skip the registration and depositing any money if you just want to try out the different features. With that said, you can only really learn how it feels to play this slot game fully by playing for real money. That means signing up and becoming a member and playing with real cash, which is the most exciting way to test this slot out.

A Modern Classic Slot

Fruit Loot is a modern-day classic slot game with a design that suggest a classic slot game immediately. The paytable is displayed on the main screen, the prizes are simple to win and there are limited lines to work with. There are some modern elements though like multiplier wilds, free spins and multiple paylines, so you have to keep all of these things in mind when playing this slot.

Designed for Simplicity

Like so many other slot games with a mostly classic design, Fruit Loot is made to be simple to play and to understand for all the gamblers that test it out. If you spend some time with this slot game you’ll quickly become comfortable with the different features offered and what you can expect as you go through some rounds with the game. Take the time to test out this slot game and you’ll know how the game is going to play out after just a few minutes with it.

A Huge Range of Betting Options

Unlike most classic slot games, there is a decent range of wagering options when you play Fruit Loot Slot. You can wager on between 1 and 5 paylines, and wager between 1 and 3 coins on each of those different lines. Not only that, but you can wager between $0.01 and $10.00 per coin, which is really what opens up a huge range of wagering options to work with. Between all of those exciting options there is a wager amount that’s right for most players that make use of Fruit Loot the online slot.

Play over 5 Paylines

There are five paylines in all with this slot game, giving you lots of flexibility with how you wager as you play around. These lines give you an increased chance of winning prize payouts when compared to other classic slot games offered today. They also mean that you can turn up or down your wager amount without actually changing the credit value.

Winning Bigger on Free Spins

Free spin mode is simple to unlock with this slot game. to trigger the free spin bonus round you just need to get three of the Free Spin bonus symbols. When you get those you’ll unlock 10 free games and a chance at bigger and better prize payouts. Prizes are tripled during this special round, which means you can come out with a big payout with enough luck. The highest wins for this slot game are possible during the free spin bonus round.

No Special Bonuses

There aren’t any special bonus rounds other than the free spin round in Fruit Loot. You can get exciting prize wins from the 3X wild symbols though, which helps to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

An Honest Slot Rating

We give this slot game a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. It’s an exciting classic slot, but leaves a bit to be desired with the maximum jackpot payouts that it offers to players. Gamblers looking for big wins will be a bit disappointed by the slot for that reason.

No Definite RTP

There isn’t an official RTP listed for this newer slot game just yet. Most WGS slots have a RTP of 96% or greater, so it’s likely that this one will as well, making it a decent option for interested players to test out.

Smaller Prizes Paid Regularly

Fruit Loot Slot Wild X isn’t a slot game that’s designed around paying out huge jackpot prizes. Instead, it’s a more relaxed slot that focuses on smaller prize payouts. During rounds of this slot game you shouldn’t expect to get rich off any one win, because even when wagering the maximum amount you’ll only get up to $3,000 during the standard rounds and $9,000 during the free spin bonus round. Those are decent payouts, but not life-changing prize wins. Even still, the slot offers frequent wins, making it good for gamblers that don’t want to wait around.

Fun Play Supported

The best way to test out any new slot you aren’t sure about is in free play mode, Demo Mode or whatever you want to call it. Fruit Loop Slot supports this feature, and makes it easy for you to load up the slot game and start playing it for free. The game will open right in your web browser and you can play it just by clicking on it without being registered or going through any deposit process. It’s that simple to do.

Real Money Play is Simple to Start With

If you want to play this slot game using real money it’s easier than you might think. Getting started only takes a few minutes. You just have to go through a quick registration process at one of the WGS casinos. From there you can complete your initial deposit and start wagering at the casino just like that. You’ll enjoy access to powerful features and good prize payouts to keep things exciting as you experience the slot with real money for the first time.

Good Support for Mobile Wagering

Getting started with this slot game on a mobile device is just as quick and easy as it is on a full-sized computer. That means that you can load up the slot and start playing within minutes on a smartphone or a tablet, and it doesn’t really matter what sort of device you are using either. The slot game doesn’t require any software to play, and instead loads right in the web browser, provided that you can use Flash Player in the browser. It’s possible to do this on most devices, though you might have to download a different web browsing app to get things working properly. Fruit Loot is a nice-looking online slot game with a good blend of features that we thoroughly enjoyed during the testing period. It’s all of these qualities that helped the slot game to stand out to us as an exceptional product and that made us want to keep playing around with it. It doesn’t hurt that the game packs in some decent bonuses and prize payouts, though massive wins aren’t possible in a single spin of the reels with this game.