Mayan Lost Treasures Slots

Mayan Lost Treasures is a captivating name for a slot, don’t you think? We’re going back to the time of the Mayan people, but we cannot yet say whether we will spot any treasures of theirs along the way. Let’s see what we can find out in our slot review.

Reels and paylines in play in Mayan Lost Treasures

Expect five reels to start spinning if you play this game. The lines have been kept to a low count though, with just 10 of them in action.

How much does each spin cost to play?

The game proves its worth as a penny slot, providing a 10-cent minimum bet. You have a series of other coins to look through as well, with $5 as the biggest of those.

Does Mayan Lost Treasures include any special symbols?

Look for a trophy to land as the wild. This can appear on reels two, three, and four. You cannot use it to replace the scatter, which is marked as such, but you can replace all other icons appearing in the game.

Does this slot game include any bonus rounds?

Finding three, four, or five scatter icons will produce free spins, with 10, 15, or 20 awarded respectively for those scatter amounts. Regardless of the quantity of spins you receive, each prize won will be worth 2x the usual value. A high-value symbol also changes into a wild symbol for the duration of these spins.

You can also watch for the cascading symbols feature whenever you receive a prize. Winning icons are removed, causing all the symbols above those spaces to cascade down the reels. New icons are added above, filling the reels, and if this creates another win, the same thing continues until nothing new appears in a winning position.

Will there be any Mayan Lost Treasures in store for you here?

The game looks impressive, with the 10 paylines keeping the bets nice and low. You’ve got wilds, scatters, free games, and a multiplier to look forward to, along with the chance of the cascading reels. Check out the demo to find out why players are flocking to this title.