New Tournaments

It feels as if Christmas was only yesterday, and here we are with January almost done. You cannot always count on finding casinos offering tournaments, and yet Liberty Slots Casino is well into its groove once again on this topic.

The tournaments are easy to find, tucked away at the bottom of the menu. This appears on the left of your computer screen under the red, white, and blue logo. But what might you find in there? Sit tight and we’ll reveal what’s coming up.

Check out all the tourneys in one easy place

The great thing about this section of the casino is that you can decide whether you want to view all the tournaments or just those on a set topic. For example, you can look at the featured tourneys or the free rolls.

You can also select only those based around slots, table games, or video poker. So, whatever you love to play, you can easily find the upcoming events on that topic.

Check the start and end times to find out what’s happening

The start times are good as you can see whether an event is upcoming or has already started. Check the end time too though because you don’t want to join a tournament that doesn’t have long left to run.

Daily Free Spins is the ideal place to begin

The daily event means you can take part in a slot tournament for just 24 hours. When we visited the site, we could see Cash Grab was the slot selected for the current live tournament. The daily event coming up after this uses the Triple 10x Wild slot.

Since these are free roll events, they cost nothing to enter. You’ve got unlimited rebuys for these too, rated at a dollar each.

Select any tournament to discover more

When you select an event, all the relevant information appears below the tourney list. The start date, end date, and limit for registrations appear there. You’ve also got the current leaderboard (empty if the event hasn’t yet started, of course).

So, if you are eager to check out the potential of some casino tournaments in 2024, we can direct you to the Liberty Slots Casino website. There is no better place that has so many tourneys aimed at all kinds of players.