Comp Points

What would you say is the best thing about being a member of a good online casino? You probably couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing. However, while the game selection, speed of withdrawal, promotions, and tournaments are all important elements, comp points should factor into the equation as well.

Comp points, or reward points if you prefer, are earned by players whenever they make wagers on their favorite games. Some sites limit the game selection that qualifies for reward points to be earned, while others allow them on all games. Some will also adjust the number of points earned on each type of game. However, the basic rule is that every real wager you place will qualify you to earn comp points. Those points are automatically calculated and put into your account. They will then rack up over time and you can exchange them for bonus funds. These funds are automatically deposited in your account ready for you to use.

How can you rack up the points when playing the best casino games?

Just play as you normally would, placing real bets on the games you most like to play. Your chosen casino will then convert those bets to the appropriate amount of comp points. At Liberty Slots, this happens on an hourly basis, always on the half hour mark.

To start earning points, you must first qualify for the scheme. This is easy to do – upon making your first deposit of at least $25, you will qualify as an Amber member of the Reward Points scheme. Once you have made that much in wagers, the points start racking up and being added to your account every hour, as explained above.

How many points can you earn for playing the best casino games?

We are glad you asked. This is a common question that often pops up when players are ready to start earning points. This will vary depending on the casino you sign up for, but Liberty Slots has a good deal set up for all players to enjoy, regardless of the games they prefer to play.

Slots bring the best rewards, with 160 points earned for each $100 worth of bets placed on the games. All slots qualify for this rate. Keno also falls into this bracket, earning you 160 points for each $100 in bets. Next up are craps, table games, and baccarat, all of which will rake in 60 points for the same number of bets placed. The system always keeps track of how much you have wagered, so you needn’t worry you are missing out on anything.

If you like playing video poker, you can earn 50 rewards points for the same level of betting. Finally, blackjack and roulette games will qualify for 30 rewards points for the same bets. So, the type of games you play will influence how quickly your rewards points will stack up at Liberty Slots.

Can you earn points more quickly?

Yes, if you make your way through the different levels of the Rewards Club at Liberty Slots, you can earn points faster than you would at Amber level. The multiplier increases to 1.2x the above values when you reach Bronze level, for instance. The best level is the Diamond level of the club, at which point you would earn 1.6x the above values.

This means the most dedicated players will earn the most points, so it is fair to everyone. You can see, though, that playing slots at Liberty Slots is going to bring you the best reward points of all. Could that bring you yet another reason to check out this site? Explore the many delights waiting for you at this Aussie-friendly casino today.