Liberty 7's Slots

Time to play a good ole’ patriotic American slots that surely defines what life, liberty and the pursuit of some casino cash is what this games all about. If you’re a US player and love the country you live in, well then it’s time to salute the red, white and blue and play Liberty 7’s Slots. The number 7 is always a lucky number and now you can try your luck with this classic 3 reels from Wager Gaming Technology. This game is simple to play and has all the game play features you’d expect from any 3 reels game you’d find in a traditional Las Vegas casino. And, just like a big casino in Vegas, this game also has the massive jackpots you’re looking for when you walk the floor in any casino. When you see this game, you’ll know it’s all about America and the red, white and blue. It has all the stars, stripes, decorative ribbons and lots of sevens everywhere. At the top is a list of all the game information with winning combinations for 1st coin, 2nd coin and 3rd coin. There is only one payline in this game so that makes it even simpler to play. Below the reels you will see a window for total credits, bet amount, win amount, and paid. The buttons along the bottom are bet amount, bet one, spin reels and play max. Then along the very bottom are the player’s balance amount, bonus, promo, cashier, options, play for real money and the button that will take you to the lobby. The colorful symbols on the reels include: A Red Seven, Blue Seven, White Seven, Red Bars, Blue Bars and White Bars. You won’t have to remember any winning combinations or complex rules, so you can plan you’re strategy at whatever you’re comfortable with. Coin sizes include: $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, and $10.00 with a maximum bet size of $30.

Liberty 7’s slots is all about the jackpots

Get ready for some huge cash prizes because although this game is a simple but classic 3 reels, it delivers the massive jackpots. You’ll need to be playing the minimum coin size of $10 to win any of the big jackpots. They start at the third level with a jackpot of 4,800 coins or $48,000 for three sevens if you bet two coins per line. The second biggest jackpot is 5,000 coins or $50,000 if you get 3 red sevens if you’re betting 3 coins per line. The big granddaddy jackpot in this game is the first level which is 10,000 or an incredible $100,000 if you get 3 Sevens when you’re playing 3 coins per line. So, remember, you’ll have to be playing $30 to hit the jackpot; and when you do this game is sure to light up with all the bells and whistles. You’ll think it’s the 4th of July when you hit any one of these jackpots. The sounds of this game are just like a traditional slots game with melodic bells and chimes. Just like as if you were cruising along in one of your favorite casino and all those beautiful slots sounds ringing in the air. Any slots player can relate to this game and it really is a great game for beginners. With only one payline on the reels, all you need to do is get one seven on the reels and you’re pretty much guaranteed some sort of prize. The game is beautifully designed with all the patriotic colors and no matter where you’re from in the world, you’ll be able to relate to this game and enjoy everything this one has to offer. Time to salute the red, white and blue and aim for the jackpot stars. Play Now!