Monte Magic Slots

Abracadabra! It’s time to make some magic and win some casino cash when you play this amazing and really fun classic three reels, one playline slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. US players take a seat and prepare to play. The graphics on this game are dazzling to the eyes and full of bright colors with entertaining music and sounds. Break out your top hat, white gloves and magic stick, you’re going to making slots magic when you let these reels roll you away with lots of lucky coins. Just like you’d find in your favorite land based casino with all the magical bells and whistles not to mention the tons of great features like: wild symbols, jackpots, bonus games and there’s no download required to play. Take off your hat and sprinkle some magic as this game is ready for an amazing show. Soon as you hit the stage, you’ll see this game comes well rehearsed and vibrantly designed. At the top of the game are the Magician’s hat, hand, magic stick and logo of Monte Magic all on a bright pink background. Along the top also is the game information with 1st Credit winning combinations, 2nd Credit Winners and 3rd Credit winners. On the reels you’ll find the symbols to include: Three Stars, Two Stars, One Star and Magic Stick. The additional special symbols are the Black Hat and Bonus Rabbit. The Black Hat is the wild symbol. Below the reels are the total balance windows, bet amount and the winner paid amount. Then just under that is the coins select amount, then the bet one button, spin reels and the bet max button. Coin play denominations range from $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00. The maximum betting amount you can play is $30 and that is when you play with three coins. This game is perfect for all levels of slots players due to its simplicity and list of features that keep you entertained.

Monte Magic Slots presents the jackpots

Everyone please take your seats, the lights have dimmed, it’s time for this game’s main attractions: The jackpots you’ve all been waiting for. There’s no smoke and mirrors in this show when it comes to jackpots and bonus games. The first level jackpot is 800 coins or $8,000 when you get three 3 Black Hat symbols and you’re playing 1 coin per line. Second level jackpot is 1,600 coins or $16,000 when you get 3 Black Hat Symbols when you play 2 coins per line. The final and largest jackpot is the top level, with 2,400 coins when you get 3 Black Hat symbols and you’re playing 3 coins per line. Keep your eyes on the wild symbol, as this icon can be a real showstopper. The wild symbol can substitute for other symbols and replace the not so good symbols to create better winning combinations for you. The Black Hats can also act as 2X and 4X multipliers and remember it’s a key symbol if you want to win those jackpots. Another big symbol to keep your eyes on is the Bonus Rabbit, as that will get you into the Monte Magic Bonus Round. When you make a spin, and if you get the Bonus Rabbit anywhere on the reels, you will activate the bonus round. But you must be playing the maximum number of coins to activate the bonus round with the Rabbit symbol. The bonus game will offer you 12 cards that are hiding a select number of coin sizes for you to win. Go ahead and make 3 choices, one after the other and then you will be dealt those three cards. It is at that point you must select one of the 3 cards you have previously selected and see what cash prize you won. Now it’s time for Monte Magic Slots show…and Win like magic. Play Now!