Explore These Three Triple Slot Titles at Liberty Slots

From the moment you arrive at Liberty Slots, you get the chance to check out some of their finest three-reel games. This is top of the menu column on the left of the page.

Once you are in that section, you may notice there are some slot titles that look like each other. There is a likeness between them for sure, but what else might you spot as you check them out in more detail?

If you want to know more and would like to scope out three of the ‘triple’ slots at this casino, keep reading. We have chosen three of our favorites to share with you here.

Triple Triple Gold

Let’s begin with double the triple theme, shall we? That sounds confusing but this game is a delight to play. As is the case with all these games, we have three reels and one payline to play on.

You can expect lots of classic symbols in this one. There are various bar symbols and the 7 icon too. Play up to three credits on the line per spin and play from just one cent per credit as well.

The Triple Triple Gold oval logo has three gold bars. This is a wild symbol, and it carries some multipliers along for the ride too. One appearing in a winning combination gives a 9x multiplier. Two of them work together to produce an 81x multiplier. The top prize is paid when three wilds land on the payline. This would bring you 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 coins for one, two, or three credits played on that spin.

Triple Rainbow 7s

How colorful is this game? Well, there are lots of 7s in the game and they’re presented in all the colors of the rainbow – or at least most of them. You can also watch for the Triple Rainbow 7s logo which really is colorful. Any one of these landing on the single payline in this three-reel slot is going to net you a prize.

You might also guess that the logo is wild, and if you get one in a prize-winning line, you’ll receive 3x the usual prize shown in the paytable. Find two in a winning line, and you’ll get 9x the usual amount.

Three would bring the best prize for one or two coins played, as those are your two options here. You’d receive 2,000 or 4,000 credits, respectively, in those cases.

Triple 10x Wild

The classic look of this slot game is hard to deny. You’ll see the buttons at the bottom of the three reels, giving you the feel of a real slot machine. Choose to play up to three credits on the single payline, with one cent the smallest coin you can use.

When you reveal the paytable by selecting that button, you will see there are two wilds to find in this game. They’re both shaped as ovals, with WILD stamped on the top and bottom of each. In the middle, you’ll see either 3x or 10x, and those are the multipliers connected with each one.

They multiply with each other too, so if you find a 10x and a 3x on the payline, you’ll receive 30x your bet. Two of the 3x wilds bring on a 9x prize. And if you can find two of the 3x wilds with the final spot on the line taken up by a 10x wild, you can get the best prize of all – up to 30,000x your bet depending on how many coins you played.

Don’t forget you can load the demos for all these games

Liberty Slots is an accessible casino, giving non-players the chance to check out these and other titles before they sign up to the casino. This means you can try any or all the above games if they grab your interest. We think you’ll want to try the others at Liberty Slots Casino too once you realize what they can offer.