Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild Slots

Whoever thinks that three reel slots games are simple and boring has not played the Triple 10x Wild slots game that has so much going for it. It is an exciting and very rewarding three reel game with just one payline. There are two wild symbols and there are some huge payouts to win whether placing single coin bets, two coins per bet or three coins per bet. Players can also choose the auto play feature that allows them to preset the number of spins that the game runs for consecutively. At any time the player can stop the auto play and continue manually hitting the spin button.

All The Wild Payouts

This game has so much to enjoy. There are two wild symbols, both the 3x and the 10x wilds can substitute for other symbols and make up a payline in addition ot multiplying the payouts for that line. A single 3x symbol multiples the winnings 3x, two of the 3x symbols multiply the winnings 9x. A single 10x symbol multiplies the winnings 10x and if the 10x appears with the 3x the winnings are multiplied 30x.

The Highest Payouts

The highest payouts awarded are for the combination of the 10x wild with 2 of the 3x wilds. With a single coin bet the player receives 10000 coins, with a two coin bet the player receives 20000 coins and with a three coin bet the player receives 30000 coins. Considering the player can choose coin sizes ranging from $0.01 up to $10 this gives him not only a fantastic range of betting options but also huge winning possibilities in game that is easy fun and enjoyable to play.