Skill-based Pokies vs Traditional Pokies?

Pokies come with three reels or five or possibly more. They come with all kinds of themes and potential prizes and sometimes even include bonus rounds and features. One thing that most pokies do not include is any sort of skill-based bonus. When you play a traditional pokie, you will play a game of chance. The game is created to ensure the outcome of any bonus level or other feature is pure chance. Regardless of which option you pick or which action you take, the outcome is left to chance. Skill-based pokies, on the other hand, are all about your skill in playing the game. For example, let’s say you are playing a space-themed game where the bonus requires you to shoot down alien spaceships as they fly across your screen. If this was set up to be skill-based, it would mean your prize would be dependent on your ability to hit as many ships as possible. The better you are at doing this, the bigger your prize would be for that level. There are a few skill-based slots or pokies around right now, but there are signs there might be more in the future.

Why are software developers considering creating skill-based games?

They want to attract a younger audience, but they also want to give players the chance to net some prizes according to how good they are at playing the game. Regardless of theme, presentation, and other factors, most modern pokies rely on chance and a predetermined outcome to deliver prizes or losing spins to players. Most players recognize this, and it does take the fun out of playing any bonuses a game might offer. If you switch to a skill-based approach, you know the game will play differently. You have a chance to influence the outcome of it – a reality that seems very appealing to many players.

What are the advantages of playing skill-based pokies?

The main advantage is that you have a chance to get some prizes based on your skill level. The better you are at playing the game, the more chance there is you will get a prize for your trouble. Most often, the amount you wager will influence any potential payouts, just as it would in regular slots and pokies. That means you must always set a budget before you get started, to ensure you do not wager more than you intend to on any game that requires skill to play it.

What should you do if you want to try a skill-based pokie game?

The best approach would be to join a casino that offers the game you want to play as a demo. Play the demo first so you can figure out how it works and how the bonus level pans out. The bonuses are most likely to be played in a skill-based fashion but do check the game and its presentation prior to play. The paytable will reveal more, as will reviews of the game found on other sites. By playing a practice version of your chosen game, you can see how to play the bonus and what skills will be needed to do so. This will enable you to brush up on the required skills before you play the game for real. It could give you the edge you will need to try and beat the pokie.