Slots Budget

If there is one thing you should always have in place before you play any slot game, it’s your budget. Maybe it will be a few dollars, or a few hundred, if you’re happy with that amount. Remember, it is always important to only bet what you can afford to lose. Know your limits.

You should also know how you can make the most of your slots budget. That’s what we’re going to look at right now.

Try some three-reel games

Three-reel games tend to appeal to people with lower budgets. Some of them only have one payline, so you’re going to find it cheaper to play these than if you play games with multiple paylines in play.

You still have some versatility with these games, because you can often play one, two, or three coins on every line. The more coins you play, the higher the potential prizes are likely to be. Check the paytable to see how the prizes work out for you in each case.

Play a lower coin value per line

This is an obvious point to make. The lower the value of each coin you play, the further your budget is going to go. For instance, let’s say you play 20 lines. If you wager a dollar on each line, your total bet will be a huge $20 per spin. Take that down to a cent per coin and line, and your spin bet will be far lower at 20 cents a go. That’s why coin values are so important when you are figuring out how much to play per spin.

Look for games that have fewer paylines

We’ve mentioned three-reel games already, but did you know there are five-reel games that have fewer lines as well? Some might only have nine or 10 of them, which means a lower spin bet for you if you play a coin on each available line.

It might also be worth looking for games that work according to the ‘ways to win’ format. For example, if you find a slot that works on 243 ways to win, you’ll find it has a bet per spin to play. This typically assumes there are 30 or 40 lines, so you might play, say, 30 cents per spin, even though you get a huge 243 ways you could win with each slot. You’re getting way more for your money each time.