VIP Club

Life is all about the luxuries and the status to go and do what you like. That's why US players are more than welcome to join and…well, Liberty Slots Casino is all about treating our VIP's like a person who has earned that status and should treated as such. Soon as you earn your way to VIP status, Liberty Slots Casino rolls out the red carpet treatment and the skies are the limit. There are also lots of levels to join, starting at Amber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You can rest assure that ALL VIP's get the royal treatment as they work their way up to decadence, and enjoying every minute of it. Liberty Slots Casino really does believe it is all about Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness and happy to take you there. So go ahead and download the software, open up an account and let the good times roll. Then prepare yourself to join an exclusive club at the casino where you can enjoy all the luxuries of VIP lifestyle. Just like a regular casino you will get lots of personal attention and benefits. Each level and all the points you will get for playing activity, will bring its own set of carefully selected cash bonuses, cash prizes, exclusive tournaments, reload specials, withdrawal privileges, merchandise, gifts and more. Download the casino now and enter our VIP club when you're ready.

Membership really does have its privileges.

Becoming a member of the exclusive Liberty Slots Casino VIP Club is based mainly on your level of play in the casino. You become an Amber member just as soon as you purchase your credits. Then you'll get a 10% bonus everyday that you play. Once you earn 10,000 comp points then you move up to the Bronze level. This also comes with 15% reload bonuses daily as well. Now you're getting somewhere at Liberty Slots rewards. You'll like the Silver level when you earn 50,000 comp points and step up to a 20% daily reload bonus. You know you're moving up nicely when you reach the Gold Rewards by earning 100,000 comp points, where you'll get a 25% reload bonus on your daily deposits. Things only get better when you earn your way up to the Platinum level where rewards are shining brightly with a 30% reload bonus everyday you play. It's when you reach the Diamond level things really begin to sparkle as you earn 1,000,000 comp points; the daily rewards there are glittering with a generous 35% reload bonus.


Play to win and play to collect the points.

The key is the more you play the more benefits you will receive. As you meet the requirements associated with each level in the casino in the VIP Program, your member status, the perks and benefits will improve. But along the way you'll enjoy the move up in the rewards club. You will be having fun in the casino, winning and playing all your favorite games and collecting the cash prizes. Then when you're ready to reach the first level, go ahead and request to become a member. The VIP host and hostesses will be glad to open up the door to amazing possibilities and luxuries. They will watch your progress along the way and make sure your needs are met in the casino and want you to be happy and pursue your dreams and be treated like a star taking the stage. So go ahead, download the casino and make your way to the Liberty Slots Casino VIP Club.