Pokie Tournaments

There are plenty of good reasons why you might consider signing up to Liberty Slots Casino. This casino accepts players from Australia, for starters, so you have that to consider before anything else. That said, you can also check out the incredible range of tournaments at this casino. This isn’t something you can rely on every casino to provide you with, so finding plenty of them on offer at Liberty Slots is a great thing. When you go through to the tournament lobby, you will see a huge list of all the latest and upcoming tourneys you could enter. You will see the start and end times for all these events on this page. Now, since you are in Australia, you will be in a different time zone to players in the US, for whom the tournament timings are set. Don’t worry though – it is still easy for you to be part of these tournaments if you want to be.

Figure out the time difference for your location

This is the first step and the most important one to take. You will be several hours ahead of the time in America. Of course, the time difference will depend on your location, as there are three different time zones in force in Australia. So, you must work out the difference that is relevant to your location. Once you have done that, you can bear it in mind when viewing the tournament page in future. The US timings will always be shown as default when you visit the page if you are not logged in. When you register for the site, you will be asked to reveal your country. The good thing is Liberty Slots puts the United States and Australia right at the top of that list. So, choose Australia and it will make life a lot easier for you in future.

Make sure you are ready to register for a tournament before it begins

The site uses an R inside a circle to denote tournaments you can register for. When you see this sign, you know you can sign up to take part in that event. If you see a green tick inside a circle, you can join now. Don’t forget to scroll through the available tournaments to see more – there are many that are hidden when you first view the page. Don’t miss out on ones to register for today, while also looking at tourneys that have ended.

Once you’ve got the time difference worked out, you will know when the events are to begin

The timings will vary between different tournaments. All the information you need to know is provided on the tournament page. You can even click on the entry for the tourney you are interested in. This will reveal even more information about it. You should be able to get any answers you need right there. Aussies can take part in any number of great tournaments when they are members of Liberty Slots Casino. Will that include you? Check out the tournaments today and be sure you know when they start in your time zone.