Agent Cash Slots

US players get ready to have your first top secret spy mission to make lots of money when you play this amazing 5 reels, 30 paylines video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. Just like the infamous James Bond, this game takes you away on an exciting ride with beautiful places and even more beautiful women. It's now up to you to investigate this game and get the reels rolling to win lots of cash. This game comes with all the secret gadgets you'll need to live the dream life you've always wanted. You'll have a good payout percentage so set your coordinates for success and get playing now. After you see the graphics and hear all the sounds, you will be the Spy who loved this game. The game display is excellent and really presents the theme in the perfect way with such symbols as: Spy or Agent Cash, Missiles, Hand Guns, Girls with guns, Aston Martin, Watch, Villains and Blueprints. The Aston Martin is the Wild symbol and this game comes loaded with lots of great feature, bonus games rounds, jackpots, vertical wilds and scatters. The Evil Villain is the jackpot symbol and you will need to get three of those symbols in order to get the 100 coin payout. It's an easy game to play with all the game information and buttons along the bottom like: Balance, Autoplay, Bet Amount and the Spin button. The sites and sounds are animated with things like missile icon shooting off when there is a winning match. You'll want to play for the 10,000 coin jackpot where you can win $100,000 if you're playing and get all the right symbols at the right time, playing the maximum coin amount. The Aston Martin car will also give you lots of prizes when you get the 3 to 5 on them on the right paylines.

Agent Cash Slots has the jackpots

What is a secret spy without winning it all in the end and sitting on the gorgeous beach with the beautiful girl. Well, that is the name of this game when you go for those jackpots and playing to win in the secret bonus rounds. When you get three of the Blonde Bond Girls hit on any reels 1,3 and 5…at that point the rest of the reels will fade to black and you will be able to choose a lucky bonus square. The prizes will range from free spins, free cash, or you can get an entry into the Pick or Die feature. The Pick or Die bonus round will load a new second screen where you will be taken to a secret card room where a Bond Girl and Secret Spy with a patch on his eye will be waiting for you to play. There will be thirty different cards loaded onto the screen with cash amounts on them where you will be required to pick one. Some will be cash prizes and some will be "Stopper" cards. You will need to pick as many cash cards before you hit a stopper card. Even if you stop you will still get paid twice your original wager. If you pick the free spins option, then you will get 8 free spins and they have the potential to get even more free spins when you're in the free spins mode. One interesting feature is the Exploding Wild that can appear on reel 3 and change anywhere from 12-15 symbols on the reels to improve your chances of winning. You can also get the Cash prize and when you hit that one, the amount won will be deposited into your account. The graphics, sounds and animations are really interesting on this game and make you feel like your playing a special James Bond 007 video slots game that anyone will enjoy. Would you like your martini shaken or stirred? Play Now!