Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slots are hugely popular, and it isn’t difficult to see why. However, if you are thinking about playing some of these games, there are other important elements to think about too. In fact, we think these three things are vital and should always rank ahead of any jackpot amounts on offer.


You should only ever play slot games with coin values that sit well with your budget. Some progressive slots increase the minimum bet to make sure the progressive pot grows larger than it otherwise would. It’s not uncommon to see these games post a minimum bet of a dollar per spin. If that’s too rich for you, don’t be tempted to play. Affordability is a vital factor when thinking about the games you might try.

How enjoyable is the game?

The odds of winning any progressive jackpot are very long. Everyone knows that. So, make sure the game you choose is going to be fun to play. Playing for a chance to win the jackpot alone is not a good enough reason to play in our opinion. Make sure you enjoy yourself, no matter how big or small your budget is to play that game.

Think about the things you usually look for in a slot game. Do you look for bonus features, events occurring on a second screen, and perhaps some free spins? Do you prefer something far simpler? Consider these elements whenever you are thinking about playing a progressive slot. Make sure that slot ticks all the right boxes for you.

How many other lesser prizes are available to win?

If a progressive jackpot is present, a portion of each real bet placed will go into that pot. However, while this is the prize everyone has their eye on, there should be plenty of other more accessible prizes available as well. Look at the volatility of the slot too – this can be another key factor in discovering the best games to play to suit your needs.

You can see that focusing on the jackpot alone is akin to taking your eye off the more important aspects of a slot game. Sure, we all want to win the big prize, but very few know what it is like to do that. Hence why you should focus on the above points to make sure your experience is still an enjoyable one.