Playing Pokies

If you live in Australia, you have access to thousands of superb online pokies you could play whenever the mood takes you. However, you also have the chance to visit other countries and locations. How does that work, you might ask? It’s easy – just look for pokies that are set in other regions and locations around the world. Liberty Slots has a superb collection of games you might want to browse when you are ready to play. Aussie players are in a great position to try some of the games there – not least the ones that put you in a new location.

Go in search of King Tut’s Treasure

King Tut relates to Tutankhamun, of course, and we have all heard of him and the history surrounding him. This treasure of a game takes you to ancient Egypt, where who knows what treasures might await you. It may be a three-reel game, but it packs in some great surprises. The pharaoh is the wild, complete with a 2x multiplier, but you can also expect some easier prizes to find with the aid of a camel!

Brrr! It’s feeling cold with the Arctic Queen

If you don’t mind feeling a bit chilly, the Arctic Queen proves to be good company in this game. The queen herself crops up over the middle three reels as a wild. She can help form wins with other icons, but she will never replace the scattered (and iconic) Northern Lights symbol. This is the one to look for if you wish to play some free games.

Bangkok Nights delivers a stunning and exciting theme

It is time to head for Bangkok now – a journey you can complete in seconds even from Australia as you load the game to play at Liberty Slots. The exotic girl is your key to shooting for the 10,000-coin top prize, while also acting as a wild symbol. Find the Bangkok Nights club three times from the left side of the reels to trigger some free games.

Do you fancy looking for some Caribbean Gold?

We’ve gone to the Arctic already, so how about switching things up and heading for the Caribbean instead? We are sailing into pirating waters with this game, which offers one of the most famous and successful takes on this theme. The highlights include free games, triggered after you have found two matching multiplier values to use in those games. Another treasure to be found is the Sunken Treasure bonus. Choose from the 15 islands shown to see if you can find some gold coins… or a shipwreck to wreck your chances of progressing further! Traveling the world is easy even when you live in Australia and you’re ready to go somewhere new. Liberty Slots makes it easy to do just that. Get your passport ready and let’s go!