Down the Drain Slots

Take on the life of a plumber in Down the Drain, the entertaining 5-reel slot creation by Wager Gaming Technology. This slot looks like a pretty standard game with a fun theme, but it has a few bonus features hiding that you might not expect. We were immediately taken in by this game because it’s the first we’ve seen with a plumber theme. That’s why we created this full review. The game looks nice, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth playing. Find out our full thoughts on this slot below and see what you can expect when you play it yourself.

Excellent Wagering Options

There are 243 ways to win with each spin of this slot, which means you have a load of opportunities to walk away with a profit while playing here. That’s good news for all you gamblers that like to win prize payouts frequently. This game offers a nice range of wagering options and betting works as if there were 40 fixed paylines. The minimum wager amount is $0.40 per spin. The maximum wager amount is $200.00 per spin. That makes this game good for most gamblers as long as you don’t mind wagering at least $0.40 with every spin.

A Powerful Autoplay Feature

There’s no reason to sit and press the spin button again and again if you don’t want to while playing Down the Drain. The game comes loaded with an effective Autoplay feature that gives you complete control over the automatic spins. Press the Autoplay button and choose the number of spins, as well as specific conditions that will stop it from spinning. This feature enables you to set the game to stop spinning when you’ve won a certain amount or lost a specific amount, giving you excellent control the entire time, even if you walk away for a moment.

Smaller Prizes but a Solid RTP Value

The prize wins offered on the paytable are small, and the best wins you can get are 1,000 coins for five of the faucet symbols or 750 coins for five of the toilet symbols. These wins are decent, but won’t make you rich unless you get a bunch of them at the same time. Fortunately, combinations of wins are very common with this slot game. With 243 ways to win and an RTP value of 96%, multiple small wins are very common with this game. You’ll see as soon as you spin the reels a few times. The high win rate makes up for the smaller prize payouts and keeps this slot game exciting to play even without its bonus features.

Unlock Free Spins Anytime

The special Free Spin symbol shows up on reels 1, 3 and 5 at any time while playing this slot. If you get these symbols on all three of the reel spots at once you’ll unlock a free spin bonus with 8 free spins and a chance to unlock additional spins. There isn’t a multiplier or any special bonus conditions, but anytime a single Free Spin symbol shows up during the free spins you’ll get one additional free spin. The eight free spins can quickly turn into many more with a bit of luck, and all those spins can give you a chance to unlock some substantial prize payouts.

The Single Re-Spin Feature Occurs Often

This game comes with a pretty nice re-spin feature as well as the free spin bonus round. Whenever a single re-spin symbol appears anywhere on reel 3 a single re-spin is rewarded. You’ll get used to getting these free spins occasionally and they help to make this slot a better value over time. Between the frequent prize wins, solid RTP and frequent single free spins, this slot is pretty rewarding to play.

Overlap Pipes in the Bonus Round

If you manage to get three of the Bonus wrench symbols out on the reels at the same time you will unlock the bonus pipe repair round. In this round, it’s up to you to repair as many pipes as you can. Each time you get pipes to overlap one another you’ll increase the prize multiplier. Get lucky with your repairs and you could trigger a huge prize multiplier to unlock at the end of the bonus.

Try this Slot Free Immediately

If you’re interested in this game, you don’t have to spend your own money to test it out. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the game can be played for free with all of its features intact. If you’re curious about one or more of the features of this game, just try it out for yourself to see how it all works. You can play through as many spins as you like at any wager level and get a real feel for the slot before you wager any real money on it.

Carry it with You on Your Phone

This game has been optimized for mobile play. That means you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. Take the game everywhere you travel and pull it out when you feel like wagering. It will run on Android and Apple devices and should run smoothly provided there is a reliable internet connection available.

Our Rating

With a 96% RTP value, nice frequent prize payouts and three separate bonus features we give this slot a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. It could offer bigger fixed prize payouts and an opportunity for more rewarding free spins, but it’s still a lot of fun to play and an excellent value.

Down the Drain is a fun slot with a good value and just enough bonuses to keep you hopeful as you spin the reels. The game isn’t complicated or difficult to play, and the only feature that requires any thinking is the pipe repair bonus round. It is relaxing to play and you’ll get used to triggering the bonuses and free spins as you play. We recommend the slot to anyone that enjoys frequent wins or likes the look of this slot. It’s a worthwhile game to at least try out.