Naughty Ninjas Slots

Just when you thought it wasn't safe to go outside ever again, the Naughty Ninjas have come out to save the day from the monsters and make you rich when you play this interesting 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. This game has been designed in true Japanese fashion but with super hero style illustrations and caricatures of kids who are all ninjas. They have even added some monsters to make it even scarier to play. Soon as you get through to safety from the monsters you'll see this game in the city nightscape. At the top of the game is the moving scroll, which has all the information on the latest winners in the casino. To the right are the live support button and the help button. Just below that is the Naught Ninjas logo in a Japanese typestyle in yellow and red. The background is a nighttime skyline with buildings and lights. Then there are the two kid ninjas on either side of the reels in the shadow with black and red highlights and they look like they could be cartoon characters in a popular kids super hero show with all the fine details and excellent graphics. On the reels it's a mix of ninjas and monsters who are full of animations and created with comic book style illustrations including: Bubbles, Ninja Star, Ninja, Octopus Monster, Gorilla Monster, One Eyed Monster, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. Bubbles is the wild symbol and the Ninja star is the scatter symbol. Just below the reels and symbols is another moving scroll and that one has more information on the actual game to keep you updated. Below that is the paytable button, autoplay button, total bet amount window, win amount, lines selector, bet selector, bet max and the spin button. On the very bottom is the balance, bonus, cashier, promotion, options, status and the lobby button.

Naughty Ninja Slots Jackpots

These ninjas may be naughty but they can also be really nice when they save you from the monsters and then show you how to win the jackpots. First is to decide how you want to plan your strategy in this game with all the coin sizes to choose from starting at: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00 and $5.00. The maximum bet in this game is $250 and you will have to play that amount if you want to win the big jackpots. If you hit the big jackpot you can win 2,000 coins and that translates to $20,000! And with 26 winning combinations in this game you'll have lots of chances to win that big jackpot. You can also win $10,000 with the 1,000x multiplier. There is also the Re-spins bonus round that will add up all the free spins and that round can be retriggered at anytime. In order to trigger the re-spins bonus game, you need to get the Ninja Star on reel 3. It's really cool when the animated Ninja start expands and covers the entire 3rd reel, while the other four reels re-spin a single time. At that point the scatter symbol becomes a wild for the duration of that re-spin and it can even replace the wild symbol, which is really unique in video slots games. Once you finish the re-spin round the wins are added to your account so you can keep playing. The animations, sounds, music and illustrations in conjunction with all the features like jackpots, multipliers and re-spin round make this game a lot of fun to play. If you love ninjas and comic book characters you will really enjoy playing this game. Play Now!