Popular Theme for Slot Games

What star sign are you? Most of us know which one we were born under. This is supposed to indicate what sort of personality we have and what drives us. Would you agree with what your star sign says about you, we wonder? It is perhaps not surprising to see some slot games based around the signs of the zodiac – otherwise known as star signs. But whatever one you happen to be, we think there are plenty of reasons why people love slots based on this topic.

12 signs mean 12 icons

Choosing icons for these slot games is easy. Just design one to represent each sign of the zodiac. That’s as simple as it gets. Some have been inspired by the constellations these signs are based on, while others use the animals and other images associated with them instead.

The moon and stars often appear too

Since the zodiac is based on the stars, it makes sense to see the sun and the moon and stars appear as well. We have seen each of these elements being used for bonus features too, which gives the game yet another great way to entertain us.

The Chinese New Year provides a different spin on things

Of course, the Chinese New Year is closely related to the zodiac. This has 12 animals to represent each year, with each New Year shown in association with a different animal. Every January, we get new slot games based on the current year, which is always a great thing to see.

Plenty of potential for good bonuses to appear

Not all zodiac-themed slots include bonuses. However, we think there is likely more chance of seeing bonuses than not. We mentioned before the chance of seeing them related to the stars, the moon, or possibly the sun. But there is always the possibility of other bonuses to be created too. The point is there is plenty of variation in these games. That means you can always find something that suits you if you search for star sign slot games online. Most casinos do offer something for you to enjoy, with some offering more than one game. We’d advise you to try a few without placing any real bets to start with. You can then find out which games you like most and focus your budget on those.