Understanding How To Place Bets On A Slot Game

It’s easy to assume everyone knows how to play online slots. But of course, we all need to start somewhere. This could be the first time you’ve thought about playing them. if you’re new, you will wonder how easy they are to play, and what you should know.

We thought we’d dive into the important area of betting here, so you can see how to work out your own bets on any slot game you want to play.

Find out what the different coin values are

Most slots allow you to choose from different coins. A few – usually those with big jackpots to win – might only allow a fixed bet per spin, but these are rare. It is far more likely you will see several values. Most often, the lowest one will be either one or two cents. The highest could well be several dollars.

How many coins can you place on each line, and how many lines are there?

The number of lines can determine how many coins you’ll play on each one. For instance, a three-reel slot will have one, three, or five lines most often. A small number of lines means you will probably be able to bet more coins on each one. You might see five or 10 coins possible to play per line. This does sometimes happen in five-reel games with multiple paylines as well, so do check.

Check you’re happy with the total per spin bet before you play

This is very important. Look at the coin value you’ve chosen, the number of lines in play, and how many coins you are playing per line if you get a choice in that. This will determine the total bet you will play per spin of the reels. This should be clearly marked on your game screen, so make sure you know where the information is, and that you are happy with your bet.

Once you click spin (assuming you are in real-play mode), your bet is placed, and you cannot get it back. If you win one or more prizes, they will be deposited into your account. If you don’t win anything, you will be ready for the next spin. Knowing your budget and limits ahead of time is very important, as it will assist you in working out your ability to place a bet you are happy with.