Royal Carribean Slots

So maybe you have been dreaming of a trip to the Caribbean but money has been tight and the dream keeps getting placed on the back burner. One day you will go but your not sure just when. Here’s an idea for you…treat yourself to Royal Caribbean slots first and it shouldn’t take too long before you have raised up the money to make all of your dreams come true!

Royal Caribbean slots present three reels and one pay line. Because it is a progressive slot machine you can certainly win enough to take that long awaited trip…you might be able to bring a few friends too. This is truly a classic in every sense of the word and pleasingly designed indeed.

Don’t let the one pay line throw you off…this simply means more pay outs for you! Vegas Technology always aims to please! Royal Caribbean slots feature strikingly in depth scenery. You will see this in the way that the symbols are designed. The color design sticks to reds and blues harmonizing with a muffled gold for nobler feel. Download and play Royal Caribbean Slots now!

Royal Caribbean Slots Wagers

Play with coin values from .10 to $10 and use the option to bet one coin or up to three. Here are a few other things that you should know. Royal Caribbean offers no wilds in this slot game. Royal Caribbean makes use of a multiplier and as a result you get larger payouts with larger wagers. To win you just have to get the right arrangement on the center pay line.

Royal Caribbean Slots Symbols

The King is the most wanted in Royal Caribbean slots. Look for symbols such as Dancing Jesters, Traditional Kings, Horsemen, Jesters, or Hands because this is how you will win.

Three Horsemen, Dancing Jesters or three Hands will increase the number of coins you gambled by 5, 10 and 20, correspondingly. Traditional Kings and the Jesters compensate considerably more, and will multiply your bet by 30 and 50 times.

The King is the scatter symbol. Three Traditional Kings and the jackpot will be all yours! As a matter of fact…any time that a King appears you are going to win something. Get three Kings with one coin wagered and win 400 coins, two coins wagered and win 1,000 coins, but have three coins and win 1,600 coins! Time to call the travel agent!