Mega Money Mine Slots

Are you ready to dig deep down inside a mine and find enough gold to make you rich for years to come? You won’t even need a pick or tools; all you need is to play this gold mine themed classic 3 reel 1 pay line video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. When you pull up in your mining cart to this game, the first thing you will see is the glittering of gold and mine shafts. On the top is the moving scroll with all the latest winners who have found gold already. Then on the right are the live support and the help button. Below that is the Mega Money Mine logo on a mineshaft illustration with a pick, tools and carts full of gold. At the top you will see a big counter, displaying the current amount of the random progressive jackpot. Then there is all the information on the game listing the winning combinations you will need to win all the gold. Even the frame of the game is made out of solid gold to add to the theme and authenticity. On the reels are the symbols all illustrated with details and include everything you will need to mine for gold like: Mine, Gold Bar, Shovels, Cherries, Double BARs, Single BAR, Seven and a Diamond. There are no wild symbols or scatter symbols in this game and it’s limited with features so that makes it easy to play and understand. This game is perfect for beginners and is a great way to learn all about slots and how to play. Below the reels are the information windows and all the buttons you will need to play this game and include: Total Credits, bet, win and the paid out amount. Then there is the coin selector, bet one, spin reels and the bet max button. On the very bottom are the balance amount, bonus, promo, cashier, options, play for real money and the lobby button.

Mega Money Mine Slots Jackpots

Now that you are deep in the gold mine it’s time for you to discover the jackpots and the impressive random progressive jackpot. They make it easy for you to play, as there is only one coin size to use and that is $1.50. The maximum bet in this game is $4.50. Start your jackpot-winning journey through this gold mine with the third highest jackpot and that is 750 coins or $1,125 for 3 Gold Bars if you bet 1 coin per line. The second jackpot is 1,500 coins or $2,250 for 3 Gold Bars if you bet 2 coins per line. And then there is the highest jackpot and that is 2,250 coins or $3,375 for 3 Gold Bars if you bet 3 coins per line. But if you want to win all the gold in the Sierra Mountains then you will have to go for the Mega Money Mine Slots random progressive jackpot where dreams are made. You will need to play with 3 coins per spin and manage to get 3 Mine on the pay line to win the progressive jackpot. Or you can play with 2 coins and get 3 Mines on the pay line and you will win 30% of progressive jackpot. Then if you play with 1 coin only and hit 3 Mines you will win 15% of the random progressive jackpot. This gives you three levels to win all that cash. This game can be downloaded onto your computer and if you want to you can select instant play and then play the game in your browser. Out searching for more gold mines? No problem, you can play this game on any mobile device. The main objective in this game is to go for the random progressive jackpots. Overall, this game is fun to play and comes with all the music, sounds, special effects and animations you would expect from a gold mine themed slots game.