Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our main concern and our privacy statement confirms that for the entire web site. That’s why we are the sole owner of all the information collected from the site. We want you to feel absolutely safe and understand that all your information is secure and in the vault. The only time you will have to discuss the details of your account is with our trusted customer service representatives. When you set up an account, right away all your information is encrypted with the latest security measures and the information is locked. Only you and our professional customer service representative will have access to it. You will never get an email from us asking about your sensitive account information. We respect your privacy and you can be rest assured that our methods of security makes sure no one will ever see it unless you want them too.

The casino software and technology is extremely safe.

All our software is tested regularly for our jurisdiction licenses, so we have to be sure we meet the rigorous regulatory requirements combined with our strict standards of security. All the games you play, hands, rolls of the dice, slot spins and money played is available for you to view if you want. That way you know it’s fair and that the software is working correctly. If anyone outside of the casino contacts you regarding casino information, please contact our support department immediately and report the situation. We also send out newsletter once in a while to bring you up to speed on all our latest promotions. You can “opt out” of those as well anytime if you want. That’s why under no circumstances will we rent, sell or distribute any of your private and personal information to any third party or company. We do our best and strive to comply with all the applicable online gaming laws around the globe that are designed to protect your privacy. In some cases, legal requirements may vary from country to country, but we intend to adhere to the principles set forth in this privacy policy.

We sometimes do surveys so we can get even better.

Once in a while we will send out a customer survey, or general questionnaire about what you would like to see in our online casino or how we can improve. We like to hear the thoughts, feedback and suggestions from our loyal and happy players. So, if you get a survey from us, please take the time to fill it out so we can learn how to serve you better. Remember, these survey are voluntary so it’s your discretion whether you would like to participate or not. We have high security privacy technology used by us to ensure that private information associated with your registered account stays private and viewable only to you. Furthermore, our cookies are there for a good purpose. We like to use them for example to set a special cookie to store your passwords so you do not have to enter it more than once to save you time. So that’s a good thing.

Below you will find all the Liberty Slots Privacy statement details and know that we go to extreme measures to respect your privacy

Privacy Is King

Liberty Slots Casino is serious about the security of its members. Each and every time you log in here to play, or to just check up on your account, your privacy is their main focus. If you are curious to know more in depth about the privacy conditions and the information that is collected, you have come to the right place, the privacy section here at Liberty Slots Casino. Also keep in mind, that any information gathered here at Liberty Slots Casino, will remain in the sole possession.

One of the key things collected here at Liberty Slots Casino, is the address of their members. In order to sign up and become a member, everyone will have to first submit their email address. Your email address is also how they can send members information through newsletters among other things. So, when you submit your email address, it is actually submitted to their database, along with your IP address which then gets assigned to a unique customer number, separating you from other members.

To further keep up with the geo locations of their members, Liberty Slots Casino enlists the usage of cookies. Again, the purpose of the cookies, is to track where the members come from, however, it is not to track how members move around and through the website. No personal information is stored, and after 90 days, the cookie will then be removed.

And if you are curious as to how exactly Liberty Slots Casino, they actually employ a serious of methods. One method is the securing of user information behind a series of secured servers and networks. Only a handful of trusted employees have access to this information. Going the extra mile, to make sure you have a safe and private experience visiting your accounts, the website here at Liberty Slots Casino, works with a state of the art 128 bit SSL encryption. Last but not least, the onus is on each member to do his and her part, to safeguard their own information. At any moment, each member can unsubscribe from the newsletter, and or cancel their own accounts.

So now that you know how Liberty Slots Casino gathers the user’s data, they use the information, in house of course, to analyze user behavior and common habits. This is necessary to help the site stay up to date and to give maximum customer satisfaction. There is a terms and conditions page which goes into further detail and specifics on user information collected.