Will It Be Turkeys Or Chicks At Liberty Slots?

There are lots of games to choose from at Liberty Slots Casino, but as you will see, it’s worth looking out for some birds. Turkeys and chickens appear in two of our favorite games at Liberty Slots, and that means you get an opportunity to use them to help you win prizes. Which of these two games will you like the most?

Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot is a basic game with three reels in play, so it shows up well no matter what device or computer you play it on. The jackpot is worth trying for here if you can, since it could be worth up to 15,000 coins. We recommend placing the maximum three coins on the line whenever you play, even if doing so means playing a smaller coin value. This opens the way to getting bigger coin prizes whenever a prize is won.

There are big multipliers involved in this slot too. The Turkey Shoot logo appears with a x5 multiplier on it, and since you could get two in a line win, that would amount to a x25 multiplier.

Funky Chicks

We love this game on its own merits, but we should also reveal it is a sequel to the Funky Chicken Slot. If you don’t remember that game, you might get a memory jog when the wild appears in this slot. That’s because it is the Funky Chicken!

Funky Chicks Slots also offers you a generous opportunity to win 10, 20, or 30 free spins. This is triggered by three or more scatters, so the more you can find, the better the outcome is for you. No matter how many you win, you will get a x2 multiplier on every prize. Get a wild chicken in a prize-winning line and the multiplier is boosted to x3.

Which game is best?

This is a tough choice. We like Turkey Shoot because of those multipliers. But… we love Funky Chicks because of the free spins. You know, if we are looking at a great three-reel game, we’d pick Turkey Shoot. But if we wanted to play a five-reel game, we’d certainly recommend Funky Chicks. So, we are going to sit on the fence with this one and say both games are good to try. It just depends on how many reels you want to have in your game. Both options offer great appeal.