Pay Dirt Slots

Money makes the world go around and you don’t have to work on Wall Street to know that. Money is power! Now you can create your own win fall of cash when you play this 3 reels 1 paylines video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. Pay Dirt is all about making money when you want it and where you want it and this game is all about the American dollars. When you pull up in your limo you will see the moving scroll with all the latest winners who have all won the big bucks in the casino. Then there is the live support button and the help too. Just below that is the progressive jackpot ticket so you can see just how much money you could possibly win playing this game. The background is illustrations of money and fists holding money too. Below that is all the information of all the winning combinations you will need to win all the cash in the vault. On the reels you will see symbols with everything that depicts money, slots and power like Cherries, Single BAR, Double BARs, Seven, Money Fist, Eye of Paradise, Star, 4-Leaf Clover and the American Dollar Bill. There are no wild symbols or scatter symbols in this game. There are also limited features so that makes the game easy to understand and easy to play. The frame of the game is all made out of gold for the prestigious look and authenticity. On the bottom are all the buttons and windows to operate the game and include: total credits, bet amount, win, paid, coin selector, bet one, spin reels and play max. On the very bottom are the balance amount, promo, cashier, options, play for real money and the lobby button.

Pay Dirt Slots Jackpots

If you want to have money like those big executives in Wall Street then you will have to go for the jackpots in this game including the random progressive jackpot. There is only one coin size in this game and that is $1.00 and you can bet a maximum of three coins so that means you can bet a total of $3.00. Get ready to win those jackpots and start your stock portfolio on Wall Street with the third highest jackpot that is 600 coins or $600 for 3 Eye of Paradise if you bet 1 coin per line. Or the second jackpot that is 1,200 coins or $1,200 for 3 Eye of Paradise if you bet 2 coins per line. Then there is the highest jackpot that is 1,800 coins or $1,800 for 3 Eye of Paradise if you bet 3 coins per line. If you want to win the progressive jackpot you must play 3 coins and get 3 Money Fist icons on the payline to win it. If you play with 2 coins and get 3 Money Fist icons on the payline you will win 25% of progressive jackpot and if you play with 1 coin only and get 3 Money Fist icons you will win 15% of the jackpot. You can download this game onto your computer or if you prefer you can select instant play and play the game right in your browser. On your way to Wall Street and ready to trade stocks? No problem you can play this game on any mobile device and you’re good to go. The sounds, music and special effects really deliver the overall theme for this game and make you feel like you’re a big shot on Wall Street in New York. It’s also a really simple game and the real focus is to keep going for that random progressive jackpot. This classic three reel is just like the ones you see in Las Vegas but you can win right from the comfort of your own home no matter where you are in the world.